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Do you think he asked her to ask me?

I met this guy at a party Friday night through a mutual friend. I had another friend there with me, so she and I, along with this guy and his friend went into a room and talked all night. To me it was more of a friendly talk, so when we all exchanged numbers, I thought it was to be all friends (his friend has a girlfriend). He ended up typing the wrong number in my phone so he asked 2 people to tell me to text him once he left the party, finally he got it and we said goodnight. The next day he said good morning and we texted all day; he invited me and my friend to his sport team's game. We haven't texted since Sunday, but yesterday our mutual friend asked me what I thought of him and if I would go out with him. She also seemed to be giving a good word on his part. I asked her why she asked and she said she was curious. Do you think he asked her to ask me? Or something like that..
Do you think he asked her to ask me?
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