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Does he like me more than her???

I like this guy, but so does my friend! Anyways during biology, she was flirting with him.. he wasn't really flirting back I guess, but OK so I gave him a pen, and she tried taking it, and he like freaked out and was like NO! you can't have this pen! (He has like 4 pens, and so I guess my crappy pen meant something to him?!?!?.. however he freaks out about pretty much everything... but ) and she was like teasing him by putting it out of his reach, but it was more of a "Give me it back" rather than flirting for him... Then she sat next to him and she put her chair REALLY close to his, and he was against the wall... literally haha, and I sat behind them, but he was turned sideways, and he paid more attention to me than her... and he took his pencil, and poked me in the knee with it, not enough to hurt me, but like kinda in a teasing way... then I said something and it sounded perverted, and we just laughed for like ever, and kept saying perverted stuff that well you had to be in the mind set for it to sound perverted... he does these things with me

-asks me to walk around with him

-offers me food

-gave me advice when I use to like this other guy, but the other guy didn't like me back, so he's out of the picture

-He put his arm around me, and kept it there for a while

-called me really hot (kinda jokingly, but hey.. I'll take it as a compliment ;)

-patted my head (for some odd reason)

I asked him if he liked my friend, and he was like ehhhhh... kinda..., but he didn't seem that enthusiastic about it

SOO do you think he likes me over her?
Does he like me more than her???
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