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Have I lost my mind?

I have been reluctant to post this question up on the web for a while now but I'm really losing my mind and I have no one close to me I can talk to without them thinking this is a joke...

I'm 19 years old, just moved to a new city, new college, loving the experience, loving life.. There just one thing missing, a boyfriend.. I've never been interested in boys until I begun having feelings for an old friend from high school. We were in different years, talked and flirted occasionally but only got to know each other more over the Internet chat when I moved away. It's been 7months where every morning when I wake up and every night before I sleep all I can think of is him. He seems so right for me, he's not perfect but thts why I like him so much.. Whenever I think of him, it motivates me to be the best person I can be. During the day if I'm not worrying about assignments I'm thinking of him. I'm obsessed I know but no matter how much I tell my self to stop being a creep I can't stop thinking about him.. Obviously he doesn't know.. I restrain myself from being that annoying girl who won't stop talking to him. But I literally can't stop and I just want to forget about him and move on... Any suggestions please? And I've had "Just find another guy to obsess over" but I'm not the kind of girl that ever falls for a guy. I've never had a boyfriend, (mind you I have been asked so don't think I'm one of those nerds who don't like to go out and party), I'm not interested in anyone but him, I don't know what's wrong with me... Help!
Have I lost my mind?
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