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Writing songs about a girl?

If a girl knows you're a musician, is it ever OK in a relationship to show her songs written about/for her?

So, when ever I'm having trouble sorting through my thoughts or a single thought just keeps racing through my head over and over again, I tend to write it down and sometimes make a song out of it. Usually when I feel a certain way, but am not ready to actually tell the girl yet, I will write a song, to at least temporarily get it out of my system so it does not drive me crazy( or depress the hell out of me). So my question is, do you think it is ever a good time in a relationship to show a girl the songs that you have written about her( obviously given that she knows I'm a musician)? Would most girls consider it sweet/weird/corny/creepy?

Just curious on your thoughts.
Writing songs about a girl?
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