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Mixed signals from guy?

Ok long story short...this guy and I were together for 6 months and he broke up with me out of the blue saying its better if we stay friends for now until we know what we doing with out lives. He said we didn't talk like we used to because he was busy. I was completely crushed because I didn't think it would end like it did. We have so much in common and are going to the same university next year so we will have to see each other.

It was a long process of hurt because I tried to be friends with him in the beginning but he was so unfriendly to me so I gave up. I missed talking to him and how things used to be so much but I tried my best to avoid contact. I think he expected me to start the conversation all the time because when he hadn't heard from me in a week he sent me a message. I was very distant with him because I was hurt by what he did. From then on he would speak to me about every third day, but he was still very unfriendly. I then found out that he had another girl. They werent dating, but apparently just hanging out. I confronted him about it in the most friendly way possible and he said there was nothing going on and they were just friends.

We spoke on and off for a while and my feelings towards him kept changing from not wanting to speak to him at all to missing him like crazy. I then got sick and was in hospital for a few days in and out. He found out and seemed very concerned asking if he could come and visit and checking how I was everyday. It was nice of him, but I felt he was doing it to seem like the big hero and as soon as I was better he would forget about me. had decided to avoid contact again and when he sent me messages I would ignore them. He would then keep sending messages until eventually I replied. When I was offish to him, he was friendly to me and vice versa so I felt we could never get it right. He then came to visit me at home a few days later. We hadn't seen each other in 4 months so it was good to catch up again. It wasn't awkward and everything was fine, but after that he stopped talking again.

Recently he's started talking to me again, but he's been talking like we used to when we were close. I started the conversation the one night to wish him luck for exams and since then he's spoken everyday. he's saying that he's going to come visit me and stuff. It made me feel like we could fix what happened between us and I was really happy about it.

But then again, tonight I sent him a message to find out how his exam today went and he replied but he didn't seem talkative at all because he ended the conversation as soon as he could and I Haven't heard from him since. It was completely opposite to how he was acting before so now I'm confused. I'm wondering whether this other girl is playing a role in it. I don't know what to think or how to feel. One minute it seems like we're close again and the next he seems mad at me. Do you think he's not sure how to feel? I don't know where I stand.
Mixed signals from guy?
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