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How to ask out a guy?

How would guys like to be asked out?

I'm pretty sure this guy I think is awesome in my unit likes me. He laughs at everything I say, notices everything I do and when we accidentally touch, he doesn't pull away. He seems shy, yet self-confident, so I can't really tell if he'd be the guy to ask someone out or if he'd prefer that the girl makes the move.

However, uni is finishing soon and I really want an opportunity to get to know him better before I maybe won't see him again.

I'm not sure if he has a girlfriend and I myself am pretty shy, so I'm afraid of asking but here comes the million dollar question:

How can I 'ask him out' without embarrassing myself or making things awkward just in case we do run into each other again? Or does he not want me to ask him out if he hasn't done it himself yet?
How to ask out a guy?
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