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Why the sudden shift?

I guess you could classify him as my crush, but we both like each other, and both of us know that. I texted him last night, and he responded like an hour later (I know he's busy), then he asked if he could call me later. I said sure, but still two hours after that he hadn't texted or called. I texted him "night"- no response, and I went to bed. He still hasn't texted me today and it's 1:30. Thursday night he called me but had to go quickly and told me he thought I should sleep even though he likes talking to me (I've been staying up too late talking to him). On Wednesday, though, he told me he was starting to view me as his girlfriend and he liked it. I just don't understand. Have I not given him enough time from last night and I'm just being paranoid or is something going on? Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Why the sudden shift?
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