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Checking out girls with boyfriends?

Question for the Men: Do you ever look at a girl even if she has her boyfriend right beside her?

one time I was with boyfriend ..we were walking down the street..and there were these guys who were just plain out just staring at me! it was very obvious! Like do guys still do that? aren't they afraid if the boyfriend saw of what could happen? I am pretty sure my boyfriend noticed this and what I noticed he did was grab me and hug me, kissed me and kind of grabbed my ass! Lmao! and probably his actions were meant so they could see.. that I'm His?! Lol

So yeah do guys still check out girls who are with their boyfriends ? Or, you could just tell that that's their bf?

oR, say some guy was definitly checking out Your Gf? what would you do? lol
Checking out girls with boyfriends?
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