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I am so confused by what he wants?

Since June my male friend and I have been having online sexting. He didn't at the time have a girlfriend but does now. I have been in a rocky relationship and still am not by choice, it's too much to explain but I'm not happy. I'm somewhat older than him, he's 20 and I am 38. We knew each other as friends before June through friends. We always got along but I never really gave him much thought. In June a few months after he left (we did text now and then after he left) he basically said he was attracted to me and although at the time I wasn't. It was nice to have the attention, So, it began an online sexting, It was very personal because we knew each other as well. Up and until then we only saw each other once, he was in town for work, it was brief and all our friends were there. He plays semi-pro hockey and he would be in town at different times. The first time he was in town he wanted to make sure I was going to there. I couldn't be personal obligations,he wasn't happy. We had an argument...The first of ,many to do with meeting up in some way, A month later I was going his way on business and decided to stop in to see him...He said he had a girlfriend, which I'm sure he does but she has no name and it's very odd for him because he usually advertises it on all the chat sights...He's free to do what he wants. His response as times before when it got too close was well you know I don't like you that way (?) Rewind to the beginning I told him I want nothing from him on a personal level, I can't and you are too young, This is all it can be...Fast forward now he's telling me only friends...Which wouldn't be so bad but instincts say he's not being totally honest. ... We don't speak for two weeks when I finally think enough is enough (he gets very upset for a long time). I text him as he was so mad at me he blocked me on the phone and FB. I told him this is not worth a friendship, let's call a truce and start over from the beginning as friends,after all that's what he wants and I hate drama. The next day he was on chat, which he had not been in two weeks...Ironic? As soon as I show online..."Hey did you text me"? Yes I did..."what did you want" apparently he deleted message by mistake hmmm? But he just happens to be online after 2 weeks. I explained to him what I said & right away his answer is...I'm glad, like I have a real girlfriend and I just want to be friends. Great that's fine with me at least we are on the same page...Then his story changes but you know we can still fool around but I just want to be friends. I reminded him, look I told you I never was looking for anything personal from you I can't it would never work, this is all it can be. Again he says great friends & I have a real girlfriend. Not more then 1 minute he's calling via video meaning he's looking to see me etc., I shut him down. Oh no friends I mean friends. He said nothing we talked a bit & goodnight,confused?

I am so confused by what he wants?
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