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Is this just a fling? And how worried about it long-term should I be?

This all started when a mutual friend of ours set us both up for a rebound. Except afterward we started talking often, and seeing each other pretty much every day. My roommates are calling her my f*ck buddy... but I'm not sure that's accurate anymore.

For one we haven't missed a day of chatting, either in person, I'm or text since the 3rd day after we first hooked up. For another in the last 2 1/2 weeks we've seen 3 movies together, holding each other every time. A week ago when we racked up a huge bar tab she paid saying it was worth it just to see what I was like drunk. When her best friend visited last weekend she had me stop by to introduce me, and when a crisis came up she came to me for help. She waited in line for half an hour in a massive snowstorm to dance with me last night, and even after she ended up massively hungover stuck around watching movies/cuddling til 4:30 pm the next afternoon.

Thing is though, if this was just about the sex, in all honesty she should have left after the first week. I've only had one partner before her (my girlfriend of 8 months) and while I know a few things I'm very obviously inexperienced in the bedroom.

What makes matters worse is I'm realizing I really do like this girl. Which makes the bedroom difficulties start stinging worse, as I genuinely just want this girl to be happy. Every now and then things work out well for both of us, but at the same time I feel like she is starting to get a little tired of it.

How worried/attached to her is acceptable? And how worried about this should I be? We haven't talked about where we actually stand with each other ever, beyond the first week where we agreed that we'd be exclusively hooking up... but not in a serious relationship, free to break off things whenever.
Is this just a fling? And how worried about it long-term should I be?
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