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How to leave with a good impression?

Well I was seeing this guy about over a year ago and Haven't seen him in about a year but we recently have got back in contact through mutual friends and are planning to meet one another tonight. We are both single and Haven't been in a relationship for a long time and well we were just seeing each other before and it was more of a sex thing to get over our ex's and for tonight I guess I just want us to catch up and have always been interested in him on more than just a sexual level and I would really like to leave him tonight with a good impression and give subtle hints of us two maybe taking our relationship further but don't know how to do it :/

So I just need some advice on how to let him feel that I'm interested in possibly letting us have a go but take it slow of course and advice on how to leave him with a great impression furthering his interest in me.
How to leave with a good impression?
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