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What is this girl considered?

she freaking gets all the guys. I can't stand it. they all think she's perfect. she just tells me "charismatic" what does that mean!? I thought boys liked her just cause she plays video games and beats them, but apparently not. she basically casts a spell on guys cause she has them in love with her, she doesn't even like them! she tells them they are just friends. but they still want her! she's not even a hoe bag! she's kissed one guy and she's had a million boyfriends. EVEN HER EXES ARE IN LOVE WITH HER!? what's so great about her!? is it because she's blonde? her chest is not big either! her ex boyfriends best friends even love her and want to be with her! WHAT THE HELL

what can I call her?

shes my sister btw
What is this girl considered?
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