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Guy likes me, but has an awful girlfriend...HELP! :(

Okay, so here's the deal.

it's been three months since I've been broken up with my ex of a year.

I'm slightly over him, but I still think about him, and when I see him I'm all fluttery.

But I've met this guy that I'm really starting to like.

He's funny, and handsome, and we just connect really easily.

But here's the kicker, he has a girlfriend. :(

He told me that he's really attracted to me, but he knows he shouldn't because he has a girlfriend. Of course I respect that, and admire him more for his dedication. However, countless times he's flirted with me by saying I'm cute, or he'd come snuggle/stay the night with me, or that I look good in this and I smell good, upon many other countless things.

But I'm the type of person who is quite moral and I know it's wrong to say anything back, so I don't. I constantly say "well I'd give you a flirty compliment back, but you have a girlfriend. Or, well I'd love to snuggle with you, but I don't think your girlfriend would like that at all."

Anyhow, his girlfriend has cheated on him before, and it crushed him. They've been together for two years.

He broke up with her because she's dramatic and bitchy and never appreciates him.

He literally hates going home to see her, or hates her coming up to our college to visit because they always argue, never fails.

But then, because he was lonely, and she was harming herself, he got back together with her, and he said "I've been miserable ever since."

He says he's not in love with her anymore, but he loves her, but is afraid that if he breaks up with her she'll hurt herself again.

Now, in your opinion, should I just leave this alone, and stop waiting around for him and cut all ties, even though we both really like each other. Or should I wait until they break up and then pursue him? I'm so lost.
Guy likes me, but has an awful girlfriend...HELP! :(
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