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I don't know why he was flirting with me! please help!

i met this boy through a mutual friend. after some getting to know each other, our mutual friend was no longer the topic of interest. we were now friends.

i have been talking to him for about seven months now. I saw him July for the first time. (at camp) and I was so nervous to see him even though I had been talking to him for months. I'm really shy and quiet in large groups(which we were in)so I didn't really talk to him that much. unless he talked to me.

then, my mom took me and my two best friends to Boston last weekend for my birthday. He lives in Boston, so halfway through our day he came and saw me. he had history with one of my friends(our mutual friend). knew of the other, but had never met/talked to her.

so, with the position we were all in I was the only one talking to him. He even said "hey, you're actually talking to me this time" He would like flick my hair when I wasn't looking and then pretend it wasn't him. one time he actually like patted my head and touched my hair when I was looking right at him. he would wink at me all through the night. Most important, he would look at me and give me all of his attention when I spoke. and he would smile at me. sometimes I would look away and then look back and he was still looking at me.

He knows I'm a very quiet girl, so he would mess with me and would say "you wanna take this outside" or "you wanna take this inside". he even took my ring away and put it on his finger and made me get it off of him. and when I grabbed his hand to try and get my ring he was like "oooh, now you're holding my hand"

it was just little things like that. now, does it make a difference if I told you he has a girlfriend? since he lives in Boston I never get to see him and since I was the only one he could talk to he just ended up flirting? like could he control if it he wanted to?If he doesn't like me in that way? which he obvs doesn't because he has a girlfriend who he loves. I knew he really wanted to see me. I know this because he put himself in an uncomfortable position(because of his ex, the mutual friend). just to hang out with me. and he told me not to worry about my friend that he came here to see me. I just don't understand why he would flirt with me if he has a gf.
I don't know why he was flirting with me! please help!
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