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I'm shy but really like him .. how do I get him?

OK so here's the background info I really like this one guy.. or at lease find him really attractive and I want to get to know him better .. and maybe end up dating him at one point. the problem is I only see him at lunch and he only comes up to me.. that's the only way I can talk to him.. because if u approached him first he won't talk to you. but if he approaches me he will talk to me. Some days he doesn't even talk to me and my question is how can I get him to notice me so he will come up and talk to me no matter what. and once he comes over what should I say to him to get him more interested in me and I can't just be like a total flirt because that's not who I am.. how can I make him interested without him knowing I'm interested. that will make him fall head over heals for me please help I would really really really appreciate it
I'm shy but really like him .. how do I get him?
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