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I dreamed about my ex for 5 consecutive nights?

My ex-boyfriend and I had been together for 1 year and 9 months.. This November I will be 10 months single. And now he has his new girl and they are together for 2months already. I think he was very happy with his new girl, but what I don't understand is that girl is my total opposite which I couldn't imagine that my ex would like her. He doesn't want a girl who smokes, drinks etc. but that girl is like that. Anyways, my ex is the one who broke up with me, and until now I don't know if I am already okay. What bothers me is that he talks to me sometimes, like last week, he PM me in FB chat and I was surprised. He acts like nothing happened to us, that he thinks that I am already OK which I think I'm not. I am replying him with lame comments because I don't want to let him feel that I am still after him. But the truth is I still want us to be back with each other but I can't because he is in relationship now. But as what other people said who probably know the girl, said to me that the girl is like a bitch, who will just hurt my ex because he is under. stuff like that.

I dreamed of him for 5 consecutive nights since he talked to me in FB. I really don't knw what is happening to me. One dream is that we are okay, we are back with each other, and the other is that we are back together but I know that he is still in a relationship. and the other is that we talked and kiss, its like we are happy but at the end, he still left me with the girl.. my dreams are like true because some of them happened in real life.

what I don't understand is why I am dreaming of my ex over and over again? help please. I know I still love him but not that much..

Do I still love him? Am I not over him? Does he still like me or miss me? Is he trying to know if I still feel the same? How can I get him back?
I dreamed about my ex for 5 consecutive nights?
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