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She agreed to go on a date, but she was drunk. What do I do?

- at party, everyone getting a bit drunk including a girl I was talking to for a while

- everyone goes off to a bar when the alcohol's gone

- ask girl I've been talking to if she wants to go too

- she says she'll do whatever I do, going with group or alone is perfectly fine

- we split from the group and go to a bar together

- I ask if she's free and wants to go out on date on Saturday (alcohol = liquid courage and all that), she agrees

- says she'll contact me first about it to set up more details, like what time and all that

- at end of night, contacts me on Facebook (knew her a little bit beforehand)

- gives me all of her contact info

- says she'll contact me later, needs to take a bath and get some sleep, 3:00 AM

So...what do I do? She was, after all, drunk. I have absolutely zero experience with this type of stuff. We were online at the same time on Facebook earlier today, but didn't talk, and she "liked" my new status of having fun last night, so I think she remembers, but I'm not sure (and, of course, remembering doesn't mean feeling the same way).

Do I wait for her to contact me, assuming she remembers and that she feels the same way? Or should I contact her later on tonight, ask "how was last night?", and go from there to figure things out? It makes me quite nervous actually.
She agreed to go on a date, but she was drunk. What do I do?
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