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How do I tell him this as gently as possible?

Okay, there's this guy that I met on the first day of school. After about a month and a half, he told me he liked me, and I said that I liked him back. That was about a month ago. However, I am now seeing that I don't like him like I thought I did. He is more of just a good friend to me than a boyfriend. For the past week or so I have been kind of trying to drop hints that I'm not interested like I was, but he is totally oblivious to them. And he just asked me what my boundaries are for dating, and told me his, so this is where I really have to tell him that I'm not really into him like that. And it's not just him...i have a lot of guys sort of competing for me right now, and I have to get my thoughts about each of them in order before I get into a relationship with one. How should I tell him that I don't want to take our relationship any further than the friendship we have now without hurting him...or at least hurting him as little as possible? He is kind of a sensitive guy, if that makes a difference. Give me any advice you have please! Thanks ahead!
How do I tell him this as gently as possible?
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