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Ask her out, or for her number, or at all?

Id like some advice, I met this girl about 4 weeks ago in one of my classes and get along quite well. We have class 4 days a week and I'm struggling with the idea of asking her either out on a date or for her number. Mainly because there is another guy that speaks to her in the class and she's known him for longer and I'm not 100% sure what her involvement with him I do know they were in the same class all through their first year though and they also occasionally hang out.

If it were not for him I would have certainly asked her one of the questions, but my question at the moment is whether I should ask her on a date, or for her phone number or whether you guys think I shouldn't do either until I find out more about the relationship?
Ask her out, or for her number, or at all?
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