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Why don't guys approach me?

Men Don't Approach Me

I just don't understand.

It is almost unbelievable, but when I walk by guys, they turn the OPPOSITE direction. They never look at me but will look right past me for women of all ages, shapes and sizes, etc. I am never approached.

When I am out, again with women of all ages, shapes, sizes, I feel invisible. They clearly treat them better and like I'm a nobody.

The thing that is so confusing is that online on different social networking sites with my pics, I am bombarded by men. I won't include some of my accomplishments (since it seems to offend some people), but I am thankful for them.

Whats up? What's really going on?

Please don't bash me or take frustrations out on me behind the comfort and anonymity of your computer. I just want some sound advice.

Why don't guys approach me?
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