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Should I flirt more?

So, I like this boy. He's been screwed over by his ex-girlfriend, so he basically shuns relationships now and talks about how he is always alone. And he and I have been talking for a while, and we talk a lot, though I start most of the conversations. I realized that I had a crush on him, but I was in the hospital at the time, and I really wanted to get it off my chest, so I texted it. When I asked him if it messed up our friendship because he didn't say much to it, he said it didn't. The problem now is, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW HE FEELS. and I feel being straightforward will just be awkward. So should I flirt more, and if I do that, guys, what things do you like to hear from a girl? Should I invite him out or something? HELP. :)
Should I flirt more?
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