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How to be more attractive?

I am doing what I can to make myself more physically attractive to women. I am not expecting any huge improvements in my dating life, just doing what I can to improve my odds. Here is what I am working on now:

1. Clear up acne (mostly done)

2. Lose a little belly fat (mostly done)

3. Straightening teeth (I have braces on now, they will be off in about a year. After that I will get my teeth whitened)

4. Building muscle (This has been hard, but I am working on it)

5. Improve posture (not really sure what is the best way to do that)

My question is what else can I do? I am not being obsessive about my appearance, I just want to make healthy changes. What are some other things that a guy can do to be more attractive?
How to be more attractive?
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