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Looking for new way I can attract women?

what I can attract women. I am a 34 single dad I am very shy I have no luck with women. I know I am not the best looking or the smarties, I am honest loyal trust worthy and hard working nice guy, I am no push over by any means.

as far as look go I know I am over weight but with 32 pins and screws 2 metal rods in my back and left hip working out is not a option.

i do not have the best sense of hummer it tends to be inappropriate so I don't use it and I am not very good at it.

i don't have the best fashion sense either and feel very uncomfortable cloths shopping.

i am willing to learn new things to better my self.

I love doing things with my kids, picnic's, drives to the country, cooking, making moonshine (even though I don't drink all that much I built a still out of old copper pipes and a beer keg I had laying around), I love car like to build engines, I am a big history buff, and so on

Looking for new way I can attract women?
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