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How do I go from here?

So there's a really cute guy in my college algebra class, and I've caught him looking at me - although I don't know if it would really qualify as checking me out. I've caught him listening in on my conversations with my brother, too. )I don't know if he's made the connection that my brother is my brother, not a bf.)

Anyhow, at our most recent class, we had to wait for the room to be unlocked, so he's standing kind of nearby. Not creeper-close, but close enough that he clearly wanted to listen in. Long story short, we started our first conversation and he asked if I would be taking the continuation class next semester.

1) Does this mean he wants to see/talk to me again and 2) How do I let him know I'm interested without being a slut?

I also know he's kind of struggling in the class and I have a 93%; should I ask him if he wants to study together or will I intimidate him?
How do I go from here?
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