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Do you think she likes me now?

Well there was this girl that I like and I swore that she liked me, until she changed completely and started ignoring me, even though I would see her looking at me and a few times she would smile at me and get closer to me.

Anyhow I decided to ignore her too, because I though that was annoying. Any ways I think she got mad at me because I stopped talking to her, because she would also give me dirty looks sometimes, or walk past me with a bitchy attitude, so I could notice that she was mad at me

The other day I tried to talk to her and I guess she was waiting for me to talk to her, because at that moment her faced changed. She had to go so I couldn't talk to her. Also about a week ago I found her on the bus stop going home...she didn't say hi and pretended I wasn't there...However when I approached her, she turned around and was ready to talk to me, but my dumbass friend came and she wouldn't leave, so I got **** blocked so I didn't talk to her and she just left...

Any how what I notice is that she doesn't give me bitchy looks anymore and finally seems to want to talk to me. Why do you think that is? Do you think, things are different now?
Do you think she likes me now?
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