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Should I text him tomorrow? And am I thinking too much into this?

Okay, so I'm in a sticky situation. I like my best friend's ex boyfriend, and I guess he likes to me Because at a party after everyone fell asleep we were laying on the floor, just messing around and then we started kissing. So maybe a month after that I asked him if he said anything about it to someone else Because my friend asked me about it and he said the friend just guessed and he didn't deny it. So he wrote me later that night and asked me why I was so worried about it, and I told him to text me and we started texting and he asked me to hang out sometime. So I went over to his house earlier this week and at night Because he had to work 'til about 10. and it was just so cute. We cuddled, watched tv, made out, and just talked a lot. Like all night we were in each others' arms and he kept giving me little kisses, then in the morning when he had to leave for work he kissed me goodbye and I went back home and he went to work. So it's been 2 or 3 days since then and we haven't talked at all today, but we did a little bit yesterday. I don't wanna feel like I'm bothering him, but should I text him tomorrow or wait 'til he texts me? Also, what's something to say other then what's up or something other then the usual, like something funny or cute?
Should I text him tomorrow? And am I thinking too much into this?
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