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Does this guy want me back?

me and my ex broke up a month ago he got sick of me being jealous and not trusting him cause I checked his Facebook [i knew his password, and I did it constantly] since then he's come into my work told me he's thought about giving it another shot then took it back then sent messages I miss u. very up and down

on Friday night

i went out and herocks up to the same bar I'm at. I tried to ignore him but he saw my friend later, and then eventually he came up to me when I was at the bar and started a conversation with me. he tried to keep it going for a while and then he said he wanted to talk later [ I gave him a bit of the cold shoulder]. I then went back out the front drink my beer. and my friend said he was sitting in side with his friends staring out the window at me. 5 min later he comes out the front and sits on a table like just near me with his mates. I then decided to get up and leave with my friends I waved goodbye and so did he. 15 mintues later I get a text saying"where did you go tonight." I think he got jealous cause it was me my female friend and 2 guys it looked like we were on a double date. he then suggested meeting up later. I said maybe. I then got a text saying "luffly do you wanna to meet up" and I'm like yeah maybe for a drink. so we met up me and his friend and me, he bought me drinks. and then we went home we had sex several times. but it was like different he seemed very affectionate and loving. in the morning I suggested going out for breaky. but he was tired and hungover [he wasn't drunk just not used to going out] so he dropped me home we hugged goodbye and I said see you later. and he's like see you around . he kept telling me all about things going on his life and wanting to know what I was up to next week when I was working. what do you think. I have not contacted or texted him since. I'm going out tonight I was thinking of suggesting meeting up agian?

does he want me back, how do I get him back I love him and miss him and I want to work at trusting him again cause there was no reason for me not to trust him
Does this guy want me back?
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