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His friend stopped hitting on me?

Okay guy A likes me, and I like him. Guy B is his friend.

I was at a table at lunch with guy A, and I met guy B there. One day guy A had to leave early and I was still sitting, so once guy A left guy B started hitting on me a lot.

Then another time I was at the table on a day that guy A was not there at all, and guy B hit on me again.

Next time I saw guy B, I was with guy A and all guy B did was smile and say hi, and that's it. You would never guess he made any remarks to me.

So, what's the deal? Why does guy B only hit on me when guy A is not there? Could it be that guy A does like me and that's why guy B leaves me alone in front of him?

I like guy A, I'm just curious about this odd behavior.

His friend stopped hitting on me?
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