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How do I talk to this boy?

He's in my gym class and in all of my afternoon classes. I don't know what happened because I couple weeks back, I was talking to him perfectly fine. He became an open book to me. He told me why he fought with his best friend (which is top secret) and something a lot of people don't know about him. I saw he's sweet, caring side too. I told 3 of my friends about it and they all think he's probably the best boyfriend a girl could have because he's different from the jerks at our school. In psychology class, we sit facing each other (he's on one side of the room and I'm on the other). Our eyes always meet as the teacher is explaining the chapter. I just drop my gaze and look at my notebook but I still feel that he's looking at me. In gym class, it's the same thing. In chemistry class, we sit next to each other. However, the big problem is that we don't talk to each anymore. I don't know what happened! Our last conversation invovled me telling him an argument I had with my best friend (similiar to his). Then we kept talking and he started playing basketball. Then I said, "I wanna ask you something but I feel you might get bad." He said, "Why would I get mad at you?" I sighed and asked if he didn't talk to me for the past few days because he thought I was telling his ex-best friend everything which I wasn't. He said that he doesn't trust anyone from the high school besides his current best friend and that he's afraid I would tell people. I said I wouldn't because what we talked about was between me and hhim only. He nodded and kept shooting hoops. He got closer to me, expecting me to tell him something but I just froze up. Like, I didn't know what to talk to him about. I guess he got annoyed because then he kicked the ball towards the wall with all his might and it bounced back. He turned around and started walking. I tried following him but he just said, "Look, I don't wanna talk right now." I don't know what to do and I really wanna earn his trust. But like, I just don't know how to talk to him anymore. I get nervous around him. I REALLY like him. He's different. He's nice, sweet, and funny. He can play the guitar, drums, piano, and sing. He's everything I like in a guy. Please help!<3
How do I talk to this boy?
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