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He keeps mentioning his ex-girlfriend, advice?

Been seeing someone for 3 months. He had a 2yr relationship with *monica* and she broke it off. That was 18 months ago.

I am told by his friends, family, and other peeps that I am the first woman he has truly brought around to meet everyone, and they say how happy he looks with me.

We go out to dinner with his parents, he has had dinner at my home with my children. Ect.

Sounds like things are moving nicely right!?!

Well...at least once a week he mentions *monica*by name. Example: monica got me that for xmas. Monica and I use to go to dinner a lot with my parents. Monica would just rub my back if I had a nightmare.

I'm asking you all why a man would do this *if* he *wasnt* still hung up on the X?

He says he is over her. But my gut says he still has heartstrings for her.

He is good to me. Make me dinner a lot, calls me when he says he's going to, treats me good.

I just want a male point of view: is it time to bolt Because he is *not* over Monica or is he trying to move her out and move me into his heart?

He keeps mentioning his ex-girlfriend, advice?
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