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Should I keep approaching and talking to girls?

So, I used to be really shy and not approach girls to talk. But then I realized I wasn't getting anywhere, so I decided I needed to approach and talk to girls. As a result, in the recent several month, every time I've found a girl attractive, I've approached and talked to her. I see it is a way of getting over the fear, by just doing it, just going up to talk. It's also a way to improve my social skills because many times I end up unintentionally creeping out girls for being a bit socially awkward. Many times I've come across the wrong way, and I'm not going to lie, I've creeped out more than a couple girls. But at the same time, I've learned from those mistakes and have gotten a lot better with the ladies.

I should note the things that seem to creep girls out. I've made a concerted effort not to come on too strong, or act nervous, or not respect social boundaries. Those are the main things that creep girls out, whether it's flirting with a girl I barely know, or being too comfortable around someone I don't know. Now I'm to the point where for every 10 girls I approach and talk to, I might have a nice conversation with 8-9 and only creep out 1-2. It used to be something like 5-5.

So I'm learning from my mistakes by going out and trying to do things. But at the same time, I might be making mistakes by creeping girls out. This has me thinking. Is this method of just doing it, just going up to talk to the ladies a good way of learning? Or should I just back off the ladies for now?
Should I keep approaching and talking to girls?
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