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Do you think that love exists?

I was just talking to a friend whose having relationship problems and another friend was claiming that love doesn't exist or is impossible to have.

Now I'm not going to force my opinion on anyone, but let me hear your opinion on the following.

1) Your definition of what love is.

2) Long Distance Vs nearby

3)Does it exist? or if not explain why?

4) Have you ever been in love and if so why did you fall in love with them, if not then explain why .
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First off, thank you for answering and giving your personal opinion on the topic, some of you said some things that even made me smile from what you said, and I want to thank you for that, I also recommend others to look at each others answers.

Now for those who don't believe in long distance relationships,im not going to force my opinion on you, but hear me out.

"Love is created by a connection between 2 people, its an iron chain connecting from 1 heart to the next, near or far."
Do you think that love exists?
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