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Continuing to court a girl who said no...pathetic or ok?

So I've asked this co-worker out a couple of times already. Let's take it for a fact she was interested (I KNOW it), but I guess I asked for the first times too early when we hardly knew each other, and she felt very uncomfortable. I approached very confident and sure of my side, and she actually didn't say no but rather got away with excuses, once said it's too early give me time. Last time she made it more clear and said she doesn't like to repeat herself. I really like her and know there's something between us, and actually she started teasing me again lately. So I continue to show interest...I'm just nice, in a more shy way, kinda "checking" what's going on, but it is clear that I am interested, I can't hide it. Would it seem for the girl as being so weak and lifeless that I am still interested? sometimes I am tempted to defend my ego and play it that I don't care anymore, but I hate myself doing so...i prefer to show her I am still there (trying to do so not in a needy way, kinda play it "friends"), so she might feel more comfortable and maybe then ill ask her again. what do you think?
Continuing to court a girl who said no...pathetic or ok?
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