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What can I do, just wait?

I have been talking to a girl for a while and we like each other. There is no doubt about that. I went to see her I at her church last Wednesday but before I went she told me to please not tell her mom about us, or anyone else. I asked her why and if she thinks her mom would have a problem with this and she just replied saying that she will tell her at the right time. Well I went and after church we were talking to each other outside and her mom saw us. She told me that her mom asked her about me and she told her we are friends and I guess that's a good start. I asked my cousin who knows her why he thinks she keeping me a secret and he said "It's because of her parents, they are really strict about these kinds of things." Anyway, what should I do? All I can do is wait right? By the way, I am 24 and she is 18.
What can I do, just wait?
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