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How to go from hey to more?

Well I'd like to say first I am still a virgin, second year college student, 19 years old, and I only had one girlfriend so far.

Now I met this girl called T when I went on a date with my ex-girlfriend. She is pretty and she seems very nice. I don't know anything about her though.

Most of the time I see her we'll say hey but nothing else, I guess I don't have the balls to engage in an actual conversation. Sometimes we won't say hi to each other even though we do see each other.

Simply said, how can I go from a hey to more things that might attract her? every time I see her it's for a short moment like she is coming back from class and I'm going and vice versa. Or sometimes at the dining commons when I see her for a few seconds and we say hey.

How do I go from the hey to something more? I haven't had an opportunity to go in the same direction because most of the time we are going to exact opposite.
How to go from hey to more?
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