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How can I build confidence with women?

How can I build confidants to talk with women. I am very shy 34 single dad of two I work hard I am smart I can take apart a V8 engine put it together in 4 hrs and triple the power. I built a still to make moonshine from old copper pipe and a beer keg laying around. I am a great cook a good dad I taught my self to rear at 16 by my self using auto repair books. the list goes on from there.

I am very confidant that I could do all that

I just have 0 confidants with women being cheated on lied to used and rejected called fat ugly and stupid has taken its toll. When I get the nerves to talk to a girl and if it get passed hi I start to repeat questions, for get what I want to say, or say some thing stupid.
How can I build confidence with women?
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