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My ex coming back to me=confusing mind games?

so my ex decided to add me on Facebook. This specific profile is my "other me". he said he loves me in full, and I tell him love him too. he catches up with me asking how I've been and all that good stuff. then as usual brings up our past asking his questions and stuff. So we were able to get a lot off our chests. today he's asking more questions about us, and it seems like he's digging for something. he has even made a comment that maybe in the future we should try again. I'm trying to brush it off, but as usual old feeling are surfacing. he was the first guy I've ever loved and we exchanged virginities. I can't help but think and imagine us together then and even now. I even want him to come on a road trip where we can rekindle the flame. but I don't know why I want to after all the hurt he put me through. please help I don't know what to do...
My ex coming back to me=confusing mind games?
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