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Guys: do you ever deliberately ignore an attractive girl?

In general, I'm wondering if guys deliberately ignore an attractive girl (who you've never directly met) and what reasons might guys have for this?

Also, I'm wondering about this situation:

Freshman year (2 years ago), this guy (who had a girlfriend) lived in the dorm building right next to mine (small dorms, both on first floor). He knew a couple of my friends/floor mates, and there were many times throughout the year that I saw him and he would've seen me (I mean, we lived next to each other and passed by each other all the time). Now that I think about it, it's weird that we were never really directly introduced that year. There was even this one time where I was literally in his doorway while he and a friend were unexpectedly talking, yet he ignored my presence completely.

Fast-forward to last spring, we were in a class together and finally introduced ourselves and I was really surprised that he played it off as though I wasn't familiar in the slightest. He was perfectly friendly and everything during class and we'd sometimes walk and talk after class. And I kinda got the vibe that he was maybe interested in me (but still w the gf). Today, we recently ran into each other and talked for a bit, wanted to know how I'd been, etc.

So after running into him, I was just thinking about how unlikely it seemed that he really had honestly never noticed my existence until we formally met. Because if you're living that near other people, you come to recognize faces that you see somewhat regularly. I still recognize people from my building who I never really spoke to, simply because I saw them consistently (as much as I saw him). Add to this the fact that I've been told by a decent number of other guys that I am pretty/cute/etc. and that, like I said, he seemed interested once we met (not saying I'm a knockout or anything, but just that I do get a good amount of attention). I feel like if he genuinely had never noticed me, he would've at least said something like "for some reason you seem/look familiar..."

What do you think? Genuinely never ever noticed me? or purposely ignored me (which sounds a little ridiculous now that I write it...)?
Guys: do you ever deliberately ignore an attractive girl?
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