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Picking up women in public?

On so many occasions I have seen attractive women walking their dog, on the train, bus , sitting down having lunch etc. And I have always thought to myself she is absolutely stunning and would love to speak to her.

However two things cross my mind...

1. Do women find it creepy/scary if a random guy approaches them and starts speaking to them

2. How do you approach women without coming across creepy/scary

Would the best approach be saying 'I think your attractive and would like to take you out for a coffee/dinner etc'

Or making a bit of small talk make her laugh and then ask for her number..if so what do you say.

To be really honest some girls can be intimidating but some of my female friends say if a guy comes across very confident his got more of a chance as it adds to the attraction.

Anyway I would like to hear what women think about this and hear their experiences of been approached in public and the result.
Picking up women in public?
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