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What do you think I should do?

I like this guy, and I can't tell if he does or doesn't like me by the way he acts because he acts flirty with many girls, it's who he is I guess. I mean, I'm new at the school, so it must mean something that he is already comfortable enough to treat me like the girls he's known for a while. I told my friend, who had a 2 week long relationship with him, that I liked him and she was like oh okay! But she also told me that he got kind of weird once they started dating, that he was perfectly nice, he was just weird about it, and that's why she broke up with him. She also told me that he's kind of 'with' another girl in a lower grade (I think they dated seriously before though), although it's a confusing 'relationship'. I'm not a homewrecker at all, so of course I won't try to flirt or make a move, and I'm pretty sure the feeling will go away soon, but if it doesn't, what should I do? Forget about him or wait it out until he's definitely single (which may or may not work out since we're seniors)?
What do you think I should do?
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