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What is his problem all of a sudden?

I have been friends with this guy for about 5 years now, and we both know a lot about each other. I've always gotten along better with guys then girls, and I've always been comfortable around him there wasn't anything I couldn't say or do in front of him. Even though we both get along so well, I don't hang out with most of the people he does and I'm nothing like the girls he hangs out with. He usually treats me with more respect to.

Since my sister told him that someone asked me out about 2 weeks ago he's been nothing but a disrespectful jerk. He ignores me and annoys my guy friends and when he does speak to me he's extremely disrespectful. My father was a marine, and he knows that, so imagine things you would not want to say to a marines daughter. But when he sees me getting pissed off he stops. The best way to describe it is bipolar. I knew he cared about me at one point, but after the past two weeks I really don't know where I stand anymore. What do you make of this cause I'm getting sick of it and am about to lose a good friendship...
What is his problem all of a sudden?
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