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What is he thinking?

soo I could use a bit of feedback?

i was in a relationship for 3 years.. we hve alwayss been really compatible but recently due to external factors (stress, work, school) we were bickering a lot.. and both of us were experiencing some insecurities about other people.. so one night we were kind of arguing, and it ended up with us saying, "are we breaking up?" he said, "no I don't want to break up.. I just think we should take some time."

*he sais it has nothing to do with other girls, I believe him

we've been taking time for about a month now. and honestly I think it was the right choice. we do need some space and time to just take the pressures off.

we talked a lot the first little while.. and he kept saying things like he thought we'd get back together, and thought that this time would be pointless cause he just wants to be with me, etc.

but I kind of told him it was teasing.. as much as I loved hearing it just because. I know there's still a chance that we won't get back together, ddint wanna get my hopes up..

so after that he hasn't really said much.. which is good.. but.. at the same time.. don't know what he's thinking.. :P driving me nuts.

he works 60 hours aweek. so hasn't had much time to himself. but he's in florida now with his grandma. so I think he'l do a lot of thinking then? I also kinda found out that he made a really sappy love playlist of songs about taking time, and getting the girl back?

do you think I should be feeling confident about me and him getting back together? how long do you think I shold wait until I ask him about what he's thinking? I don't want to give him an ultimatium.. but I do kind of want to know that he hasn't completely ruled us out either..

By the time he gets back from florida, it will have been about a month and a half.

please comment? :)
What is he thinking?
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