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Why would he invite me me out for coffee then act like this ?

There's a guy I've had a crush on for months ( an ongoing one and the reason for most of my questions on here !)

I only see him on the bus and not very regularly because of differing shift patterns at the places we work .

When we first started talking he seemed very keen to be around me , making sure he always managed to catch the same bus as me etc . I noticed though that he seems to have quite extreme mood swings . He always seems to be either very happy or very stressed and anxious .

After a while this behavior started to worry me and I started to get the feeling that he was just using me to off load his problems but without having any interest in knowing mine .

I backed off and started to catch an earlier bus to avoid him and to try and get the crush out of my system . I hadn't seen him for a month.

This week he was at the bus station at the same time as as me .

He came straight over and asked where I have been and said that he had been thinking about me at the weekend and that if he had seen me in town he would have asked me to go for coffee

with him .

He caught the same bus as me for the rest of the week and was friendly and listened to me as if he was interested in what I had to say . I have never seen him act like this more than 2 days at a time .

On Friday he said that on Saturday he had to call at a store near my house and If I wanted to he would take me for coffee . I don't think he really needed to go there . I said OK and when I got off the bus he said he'd see me tomorrow .

This morning he came past my house at exactly the time we had arranged but instead of waiting for me he kept walking . I followed him and when I caught up with him he asked me if I was going shopping like it was a total surprise to him that I was there . I said no , I'm not shopping I have come for the coffee you promised me . He seemed really stressed so I asked him if he wanted me to go away . He said no and bought drinks but like it was an inconvenience for him . Then he off loaded some more problems on me and talked over everything I said . He even got up to leave before I finished my drink !

Why would he do all this ? If he had changed his mind why would he come at exactly the time he said and come out of the store he said he "needed" to go to with only a bottle of water ? Why did he even turn up ?

Sorry about the really long question . If you managed to get to the end of it I'd really appreciate your feed back :)

Why would he invite me me out for coffee then act like this ?
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