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Does she not like me?

I seriously need help with this girl..

sooo thers this like suuuuper pretty girl that sits next to me in my math class and she is really chill. we started talking and we actually had a lot in common. I thought she was interested in me by the way she was acting. For example she laughs at a lot of the things I say. also one time she were arguing about which part of the oreo was best. the cream or the cookie. she likes the cream but I like the cookie right. so she said "oh wow we would make a great team!" when we walk together she brushes up against my arm. and my favorite part was when we were walking up the stairs together once and she 'tripped" and totally grabbed my arm. I was like "what did you trip over" and she said "i don't know" (like seriously that's a pretty big hint) so I got her number and texted her and we talked but she just stopped talking all of a sudden. I texted her again today and she hasn't replied. so maybe she doesn't like me? maybe she's just like that with all guys. idkkk I'm so confused!
Does she not like me?
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