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How did the attraction grow?

its possible to have a crush on someone that you weren't really attracted to or noticed at first, but do you remember how it exactly it grew towards that? maybe someone changed in that person (or you) that made you feel that way? maybe they looked a little different that turned you on?

one example is when I was back in high school. in the 9th grade in my homeroom there was this girl that was pretty average looking but I liked a girl that looked almost 5 times better than her. then when 10th grade turns around, I began to look at things in a different light ragarding women and my tastes started to change before you know it, in the middle of the school year, I had a crush on that girl that I didn't even have no attraction to whatsoever the previous year.

has something like that happened to you? if so, what caused the change?
How did the attraction grow?
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