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Is my ex heartbroken or being nasty? Please help!

My ex and I broke up 6 months ago. He wanted to stay friends and see what happens ( I ended it). He was really hot and cold. We work together. Everything was fine, until one month ago and a group of us went away together. He was distance and rude to me.

When we got back he finally said to me he hates me seeing his friends (taken 6 months to tell me and they've been his friends since high school) and they like hanging around me (they told him how much fun I am). He said, I need to hang around other people. I think this is wrong! He said I tend to drag people off with me, when he is trying to hang around them (which is not true, they follow or ask me to do something). Why is he being like this? He was fine and now he is going crazy! After a couple of months after the break up things were fine! His friends thought we were going to get back together. Then after a while he stopped going to his friends house (they were still asking me, which was no different to before). I messaged him after him not turning up and his friends couldn't understand why and I said, do you have a problem me seeing your friends? He said, no. He has had no other real relationships other than me and he is in his 30s. Why has it taken so long for him to snap?

When we were together he said 2 of his friends (who have gfs), like me and I said, I don't care I want to be with him. I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. But his mates have GFs. His friends used to contact me because he was useless at getting back to them. So often I would say your friend has asked us for drinks. Look! I have no idea. Why is he so bitter 6 months later? He was fine for the first few months and kept it open we might get back together and its been getting sour ever since. Surely things should be getting better, not worse
Is my ex heartbroken or being nasty? Please help!
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