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I really don't want to lose this guy, but I feel like he's giving me no choice.

Saturday, I was with a friend of a friend, who is 22. We went to a bar until about 2AM, He was lovely, caring and he couldn’t take his eyes of me (Maybe, he was trying to work me out.) But I think I really frustrated him, he said he couldn’t read me, couldn’t understand me, and that I had a “poker face” for the whole night, I think he really thought I didn’t like him and didn’t want to be there, I explained that its nothing personal and I did like him, and that I’m just a bit insecure/ shy and have a lot on my mind. (But I don’t think he got it at all!)

We went back to my house, and sat on my sofa until about 4am. He was trying to get me to tell him everything and explain how I feel and basically he just wanted to understand what’s up with me and I think he really just wanted to make me happy.

Again, I don’t know why but literally he doesn’t take his eyes of my face, it feels pretty intense, but it feels really nice at the same time, to know someone cares that much. (Nothing happened between us though, because I accidentally pulled away and he had no idea what I was feeling, so he didn’t try again)

Two days after all of this… he is upsetting me, I feel like he wants nothing to do with me.

I rang him about six times, he only answered once and said he had to go straight away and he doesn’t respond to texts. I thought he really cared about me. I don’t know what’s gone wrong, is it just all my fault for being so confusing?

I CAN’T keep texting/phoning him, I feel STUPID, because he never replies. I don’t know he just made me feel so happy and cared about, I could tell he just wanted to make me happy, but WHAT can I do, I can’t keep in touch with him, NOTHING works. I can’t take it because I really liked him.

And NO we weren’t drunk; we only had one glass of wine the whole night.

I really don't want to lose this guy, but I feel like he's giving me no choice.
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