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How does a woman appear more approachable to guys?

As I got older I learned to accept myself and so my self confidence but now guys don't hit on me so fast as before when I had low self esteem and was more shy..I think I always looked arrogant but now its not a shield to keep the bad guys at bay now I have self confidence to back it up...I'm 17 and never even had my 1st kiss :( I hate to say it but when I had low self esteem more guys would try to get at me but now no guy does they only make eye contact with me..and I think I'm more afraid of rejection cause its happened b4..and I tend to cross my arms cause I feel vulnerable and that people are looking at me which I hate, I tend to stand out even though I live in the city in the bay area of California people think I'm not American but another ethnicity of the same race but from the actual continent and I hate it when people ask if I'm from there or snap their heads to look at me when I talk when a look of surprise and disbelief..id lie and say I am but I don't have an accent like my mother..me and my dad were born in America(in the states) my mom was born in south America..I don't like that I look more foreign even though I'm a pretty girl I wish people could tell I'm American esp when I'm alone in public.
How does a woman appear more approachable to guys?
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