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Did he mean it? What should I do?

Well me and my son's father have been apart for 18 months now, he said he needed time to figure himself out. He would only text me and would avoid seeing me or talking to me on the phone. (yes he would see is son threw third party). He would tell me he loves me and cares but trying to get himself together. I didn't know if it was because he was in between jobs or what and as a man they feel they should be the bread winner. (Yes, I work. I work for the State). So, I've never popped up over to his home, but this past weekend I did. He allowed me in as if he was expecting someone else and not realizing it was me. I then turned around and he asked why'd you do that and smiled and gave me a hug. We complimented each other and he quickly grabbed his keys and we left his house. I asked are you putting me out and he stated no. We stood outside his house and I asked why he was avoiding seeing me or talking to me, he stated he needed time and he had something to figure out, it was not me but him and that he was going to come around soon. I attempted to walk off and he says I don't want you to go, but I don't want you to get hurt, then start explaining how he loved me and cared for me a lot, he appeared to about to cry but then start looking at me and was like I just need time and slightly smiled, and said I just don't want to mess anything up right now. So, I asked for a hug and went on my way.. OMG I'm lost I love this man, and I know patience, but 18 months and now he claims he needs more time. How long though. Does he really love me or is this a don't want to hurt your feelings thing? Should I have said more to him or what? I feel that if I should said more now he will think I don't care that he has expressed himself to me. I have not heard from him in three days which is somewhat normal, but I would think he would have at least text me, but nothing. Have I lost him
Did he mean it? What should I do?
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