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Am I better off being his friend?

My crush and I became friends at the beginning of the of the school year. That's when I started liking him. He's the flirtatious type so he loves talking to girls and the attention from them. He's like that with me. Anyway last Wednesday he was tutoring for one of our classes and we were laughing and having fun. He was telling me that its cute when I blush, he wash hugging me, he made me kiss him on the cheek twice, he was caressing my legs while tutoring me, and we were singing at some point and he slapped my bum too. Then he decides to tell me he finds the student volunteer in the library cute and how he wants to introduce him self to her and wants to find excuses to go talk to her. This hurt me a bit because he does all these things in tutoring and decides to tell me that. For him its the norm, but for a girl witnessing these things its not (for me anyway). I'm convinced I should just be his friend, its easier for me and I don't have to feel hurt. What do you think I should do?

Am I better off being his friend?
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